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How to Buy Properties from SDH

Slovenian sovereign holding (SDH) is one of Slovenia’s largest providers of real estate of various types. The list of real estate properties can be found on our website, at SDH Real Estate. Real estate owned by the SDH is sold in a variety of ways. As a rule, a description of the sale or rental process for a particular real estate property is provided alongside each property listing.


The collection of non-binding offers for a particular piece of real estate is the most common method used in the sale of the SDH’s real estate, and is used in all cases where a different sales method is not given. Potential buyers or or those interested in renting, submit their declaration of interest by completing and forwarding the form for this purpose. The form is available in the instructions and, in addition to individual advertisements for real estate, can also be sent to your email address at your request.

Form for expression of interest can be submitted by email to or by registered post to SDH d.d., Mala ulica 5, 1000 Ljubljana. The SDH will process each offer separately at the earliest opportunity.


Those submitting bids for the purchase of real estate with an informative price of €500,000.00 or higher may also be called on to submit additional forms, such as:

  • a declaration of the circumstances of the purchase;
  • a declaration of any debts (existing or potential) to the SDH on the part of the bidder; and

Before a final decision on a sale is made by the SDH, the selected buyer must supplement its offer with the other required ZPPDFT, KYC forms, which are also available on the SDH’s website.


Other sales methods used for real estate include the collection of binding offers (subject to payment of a security deposit) and (electronic) auction.

In such cases the terms of the call for offers or (electronic) auction (date for submission of offers, date of (electronic) auction, amount of security deposit, price, etc.) and all the other information and documents are published on the SDH Real Estate and the SDH websites.


In all of its sale processes, the SDH ensures the transparent and equal treatment of all potential real estate buyers in compliance with the relevant rules. All customers who are interested in a particular piece of real estate are led through the sale process, from viewing the real estate to the final transaction.

The contact person for each piece of real estate is cited in the advertisement. The sale process can also be conducted by an external agency with which the SDH has concluded a real estate brokerage agreement.


  • When selling real estate, the SDH does not issue a warranty for defects, and sells the real estate ‘as seen’, unless stated otherwise in the particular advertisement.
  • The SDH informs potential bidders that the advertised informative price in a specific advertisement is strictly of an informative nature, and may change in accordance with trends in market prices and demand, where the SDH carries out the appraisal of all real estate at least once a year and adjusts prices in accordance with those appraisals as required. For this reason, bids submitted in the sales process and the collection of potential non-binding bids do not bind the SDH to accept any bid whatsoever, regardless of whether those bids are higher, the same or lower than the currently advertised informative price, until the SDH explicitly and unambiguously expresses its intention to accept a submitted bid in writing.
  • A seller will increase its final net price, which has been set for a property taxed by a real estate transfer tax and acquired by the seller under the VAT system,  by an adjustment for the deduction of the input VAT which will arise when making the sale outside the VAT system to those buyers who are not entitled to deduct the full amount of the input VAT in accordance with Article 45 of the Value Added Tax (ZDDV-1).
  • In accordance with the previous indent, the SDH reserves the right to change the planned course, steps or other elements of the process at any time, but only until the conclusion of the legal transaction, and without explanation, and may also suspend the sales and/or negotiation process, and shall bear no liability whatsoever in this regard. Bidders may not file any claims against the SDH as a result of the aforementioned actions.

If the provider accepts the approved conditions of purchase/rental in writing, and then withdraws from the intention to purchase/rent before signing the contract, SDH reserves the right to charge the provider the cost of withdrawing from the intention to purchase/rent according to the SDH service price list.


The flow of real estate into the SDH and then into the sale process is gradual. We recommend that all potential buyers regularly view the SDH’s website and subscribe to a monthly newsletter featuring advertised real estate and current sale processes. Subscribe to the newsletter >

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