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Kvedrova cesta 28, Koper

Basic details

Code: RE ID 42-217
Offer: Sale
Indicative price: 325,000.00 € + TAX
: Business Premises Services
Address: Kvedrova cesta 28, Koper
Year of construction: 2010
Year of renovation: 2016
Net floor area: 319.50 m²
Land Registry ID: 2606-6988-41, 2606-6988-92, 2606-6988-171, 2606-6988-178, 2606-6988-190, 2606-6988-191, 2606-6988-192, 2606-6988-193, 2606-6988-194, 2606-6988-195
Plot number: 2606 701/31, 2606 701/32, 2606 701/33
energy class: B1 (15-25 kWh/m²a)

*Tax is calculated based on applicable law


Two-story business premises marked F-K-PP1, built up to III. extended construction phase, is located on the ground and basement floors of building F, Kvedrova cesta 28, Koper and is intended for peaceful activities. The net floor area is 319.50 m2 (GURS data). Inside, the commercial space is in rough condition without plaster, screeds, without treated ceilings and without connections to partially prepared installation water. Access to the ground floor part is arranged from the east and south sides of the building, while access to the basement part is via external stairs in the south part of the building. The construction of internal stairs in commercial premises is not subject to offer/sale.
The business space includes a multi-purpose room/storage located on the 2nd garage floor, three outdoor parking spaces marked F2, F3 and F4 and eight parking spaces located on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th garage floors of building F. some of which are narrower, less functional.
The available project documentation for the Nokturno settlement can be found at the building manager F.

The listed price does not include VAT. The property is sold "as is" clause.

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SDH informs customers that it reserves the right to not select any bidder in the sales process, i.e. it is not obliged to conclude a sales agreement with any bidder for the subject of an agreement or enter into any other legal relationship, even if a bid is equal to the informative (selling) price or higher. For the sale of the subject of an agreement, the SDH may also announce a public or electronic auction, publish a call for the submission of binding bids or conduct additional negotiations with bidders who submit similar bids. Additional information is available at the link below:

A seller will increase its final net price, which has been set for a property taxed by a real estate transfer tax and acquired by the seller under the VAT system,  by an adjustment for the deduction of the input VAT which will arise when making the sale outside the VAT system to those buyers who are not entitled to deduct the full amount of the input VAT in accordance with Article 45 of the Value Added Tax (ZDDV-1).



Form for submitting a non-biding bid for real-estate purchase

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Nokturno Komercialna skica Poslovni prostor F-K-PP1 spodnja kletna etaza.pdf

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