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Ronkova ulica 4, Slovenj Gradec

Basic details

Code: RE ID 5131-003.
Offer: Sale
: 75,000.00 € + TAX
: Business Premises Office
Address: Ronkova ulica 4, Slovenj Gradec
Year of construction: 1993
Year of renovation: 2004
Net floor area: 233.50 m²
Land Registry ID: 850-1291-12, 850-1291-13, 850-1291-14
energy class: D (60-105 kWh/m²a)

*Tax is calculated based on applicable law


In the business and trade center KATICA in Slovenj Gradac is for sale a business premises The business building was built in 1993 and has floors: K + P + 3N. The total area of the building is more than 6,200 m2 and inside it comprises 91 business premises.
There are arranged parking areas in front of the building. The surroundings of the building are quite densely built with individual residential buildings and other business buildings.

The storage rooms are located in the basement and are also accessible by car.
Years ago, a car wash operated in these premises, but now the premises have been converted into a convenient warehouse.

SDH je v istem objektu tudi lastnik pisarniškega prostora v 2. nadstropju, ki meri 46,90 m2.

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