Villa for catering and tourism, Otočec

Dobrava 79, Otočec, Novo mesto

Basic details

Code: RE ID 337
Offer: Sale
Indicative price: 1,690,000.00 € + TAX
: Holiday Home Hotel
Address: Dobrava 79, Otočec, Novo mesto
Year of construction: 2004
Year of renovation: 2007
Net floor area: 2,688.00 m²
Plot area: 7,588.00 m²
Land Registry ID: k.o. 1460--
Plot number: 160/139, 246/1, 246/4, 255/3

*Tax is calculated based on applicable law


A furnished villa ready for commercial use

The villa is a hospitality facility comprised of land plots above the town of Otočec near Novo mesto, at an exclusive location overlooking the Ljubljana-Zagreb thoroughfare. The building with a basement, ground floor and two upper floors, with a large restaurant, conference room, 15 guest rooms, 2 suites, a sauna, a wedding hall and standalone kitchen and utility areas, two parking lots which can accommodate 80 cars, and a covered terrace. The building is fully furnished, allowing the potential investor to immediately begin commercial operations in the hospitality industry and overnight stays.

The building construction spanned between 1994 and 2004, and the facilities became operational in 2005. The annex, containing a wedding hall, was built in 2006, and became operational in 2007.

The sale of the property will take place in the manner of an E-auction with an increase in the starting price.

A unique investment opportunity

  • The villa can continue operating as a hospitality and tourist facility, as it offers options for accommodation and/or catering for large parties. As a high-standard facility, it boasts excellent construction materials and is completely furnished with modern equipment. The building is connected to the power grid, the water supply network, sewer infrastructure, telephone lines, and is also equipped with an air conditioning and ventilation system.
  • The Municipality of Novo mesto has been investing in reviving the magic of the medieval town center, preserving a lively urban beat and attracting increasing numbers of tourists each year. The numerous cultural, sporting and entertainment events, a rich variety of restaurant choices and beautiful nature make this an attractive destination throughout the year. It is also investing in construction of nearby cycling and hiking trails along the Krka river.
  • Thanks to its visibility, character, accessiblity and tasteful renovation, Villa Otočec can fit snugly into Novo mesto and Otočec’s increasingly popular tourist and hospitality landscape, or it can be repurposed as an attractive office facility for a large company.

Unique, easily accessible location

The Villa stands atop a small hilltop overlooking the town of Otočec. It boasts breath-taking views of the Krka river and the rolling hills surrounding it. The villa is accessible via regional road with a paved driveway leading to the facility. The guest facility is comfortably removed from other nearby buildings so as not to be disruptive to the neighboring area. The location can be accessed on foot, by car or bus. It is 4.5 km away from the motorway exit, and 6.5 km away from the Novo mesto city center. It is surrounded by a large number of hiking trails and cycling routes which provide visitors with a variety of options for outdoor activities.

Novo mesto – the capital of lower Carniola

 Novo mesto is the capital of the Lower Carniola region. It sits surrounded by hills, on the winding banks of the Krka river. The city is a commercial, administrative, medical, educational and cultural hub, and modern urban activities have expanded to include the broader rural area, which has lost its agricultural function. In the city and surrounding areas, the automobile (Revoz, Adria Mobil, TPV), pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries (Krka) have taken root, as well as wood manufacturing (Novoles), shoemaking and electrical engineering and insulation materials production. Its historic and cultural heritage ranks Novo mesto among Slovenia’s most prominent cities.

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